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Goodman Group


Goodman Group is a global property group that owns, develops and manages high-quality industrial and logistics real estate in many locations around the world – including the People’s Republic of China and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Goodman Group’s sustainable properties are close to consumers and provide essential infrastructure for the digital economy.

Contributing to the community

Goodman Group’s charitable initiatives are undertaken by the Goodman Foundation, which collaborates with local charities “striving to do good in the world.”

Shanghai Sunrise is proud to partner with the Goodman Foundation and create access to education through scholarships for underprivileged youth in Shanghai. The past three years have been challenging, with an increasing number of families facing difficulties. Throughout 2021, the Goodman Foundation sponsored 20 students and, this year, increased its sponsorship to 30 students, making Goodman one of our larger contributors.

The Goodman / Shanghai Sunrise family

Goodman representatives and sponsored students at the 2021 Pairing Ceremony

Shanghai Sunrise / Goodman initiatives

Webinar: Dealing with anxiety in uncertain times

During the Shanghai lockdown, Goodman hosted an online webinar on “Dealing with Anxiety in Uncertain Times,” led by external speaker Adina Deacu. The webinar was popular among the students and extremely timely. It helped empower students to better manage their psychological wellbeing and gain an understanding of how environmental elements influence their mental state. Thirty-two students joined the webinar.

Reading program: The Happiness Advantage

This five-part guided reading program offered students a chance to rewire their thoughts positively. The central idea is to draw a connection between personal happiness and personal success. Working through The Happiness Advantage book offered students a chance to interact and practise their listening and speaking skills with other students. Sixteen students participated in the five-week long program. Two students provided the following feedback:

Miss Chen(陈同学)

What about this program did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed interacting with the program coordinator. This way, we could unpack sections of the book that were difficult for me to interpret on my own.

Miss Luan (栾同学)

What valuable lesson did you learn?

The sentence: "Happiness is not the belief that we don't need to change; it is the realization that we can," stands out for me. Through reading the book and interacting with fellow students, I have managed to improve my mental state and reduce my anxiety.

Tech sponsorship: Do Good, Be Good

Finally, in response to the heightened need for digital forms of learning brought about COVID-19 restrictions, Shanghai Sunrise along with the Goodman Group launched the “Do Good, Be Good Tech Scholarship.” The scholarship offers up to 20 students laptops for their studies, ensuring that students are well-equipped for the transition to online learning.

As part of the program, students are encouraged to explain how having a new laptop will alleviate some of the challenges they are facing with their studies. Applications are open to all Shanghai Sunrise students, and laptops will be awarded on an equal merit and needs basis.

It is evident that Goodman is walking the walk. Wherever they are based, they strive to plant a seed of sustainability and make a tangible difference for their customers, people and the communities where they operate.

“Increased access to education can contribute to reducing poverty. It is important for us to invest in the youth and provide opportunities and skills to succeed. Knowing about Shanghai Sunrise’s 25 years of dedication towards this meaningful cause, we are pleased to support Shanghai Sunrise and contribute to our local community.”- Goodman China

About Shanghai Sunrise

Shanghai Sunrise is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization committed to creating access to education through scholarships for underprivileged Shanghai youth. Since 1996, we have raised over 34 million RMB for high school and university scholarships. This has enabled 3,200 students, who otherwise would not have had the financial means, to continue their education and have a chance at a brighter future. With your help, we can continue to make a difference in our community!


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