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25 years of Shanghai Sunrise - Our impact: Changing lives

At Shanghai Sunrise, we believe education is the key to success. Finding a quality job without a university degree can be difficult; finding a quality job without a high school graduation certificate is exponentially harder. Without a solid education, the odds of getting ahead in life are really stacked against you, particularly here in China.

Even in today’s Shanghai, not everyone has the same access to education and many low-income families struggle to pay for basic education-related expenses. That’s where Shanghai Sunrise comes in: We offer disadvantaged students scholarships so they can complete their education — an education that gives them more opportunities in life and a chance at a brighter future.

Since 1996, we have partnered with numerous individuals, corporations and associations in the community to raise more than 35 million RMB, creating more than 12,000 educational scholarships. Once a student is enrolled into our program, our goal is to support them throughout their entire high school education and university years, should they successfully apply.

During the 2020/2021 school year alone, we provided scholarships to 383 students to continue their education. In 2021, 137 of our students graduated from high school or university.

By enabling students from low-income families to complete their education, we empower them to realize fulfilling careers and become positive forces in their communities. Among our graduates are administrators, accountants, nurses, teachers, police officers, engineers, artists and managers.

Their success serves as a testament to the hard work of the students themselves; they have grasped this opportunity with both hands and not only changed their own lives, but in many cases, the lives of their entire families. For many of our scholarship recipients, it’s the first time a family member has been given the chance to graduate from university. Over the past 25 years, we have impacted 3,300 students and their families.

One concept we try to instill in our students is to volunteer and give back. Several alumni continue be involved with Shanghai Sunrise as volunteers. They help with our home visits and student-sponsor events or serve as tutors. In addition, many of our students have become sponsors themselves – some individually and others as part of an alumni support fund. To find so many of our students passing on the help they received is most gratifying and proof of our impact.

Education really does change lives!

Quotes from Shanghai Sunrise student alumni:

Qi Zhongyi

claim settlement department at AAIC sponsored from 2003-2019

“Shanghai Sunrise’s value is not only the scholarship, it’s the charitable spirit that has been passed around. All the giving and all the receiving is quite meaningful. When it comes to poverty relief, what could change a life more than an education?”

Chen Liangyou

Sales Manager and Shanghai Sunrise volunteer sponsored 2011-2017

“Thanks to the scholarship and the annual activities organized by Shanghai Sunrise, I could overcome my difficulties and was able to realize my true potential.”

Xu Liangjun

businessman, sponsor and volunteer of Shanghai Sunrise sponsored 2002-2012

“I have grown from a poor student to being a sponsor of Shanghai Sunrise and a spreader of sunshine in winter. I applaud Shanghai Sunrise, and I am proud of myself.”

Xu Tao

police officer and Shanghai Sunrise volunteer sponsored 2011-2017

Thanks to Shanghai Sunrise, not just for the money, but also for their mental support along my way.”

Shi Jialing

Accountant sponsored 2009-2016

“I am confident, brave, active and creative, thanks to Shanghai Sunrise.”

Sun Xuliang

Math teacher sponsored 1996-2008

“SHSR designs activities to give compassion to students in need of help, to broaden horizons and provide amazing experiences that other children do not have.“


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