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Education is Key

Everyone understands the importance of education. Shanghai Sunrise strongly believes that a good education is the key to success and can create a better future for young people and their families. In China, education is free until the 9th grade. While poverty alleviation and other government programs support the poorest families, not all students in need qualify for adequate public assistance. Even in today’s Shanghai, many low-income families struggle to afford the education-related expenses to complete their children's education, leaving these young people with limited opportunities for their future. 






We hope that you will join us on our journey to create a brighter future for these young people and their families!


How you can help?

Our mission

Shanghai Sunrise champions continuous learning for young people. Our mission is to create access to education through scholarships for underprivileged Shanghai youth. We empower our graduates to complete their education, realize fulfilling careers, and become positive forces within their community.

Our vision

Our vision is a brighter future for disadvantaged youth in Shanghai through access to education and personal development. Every student should have the opportunity to complete their education and realize their dreams – regardless of social and financial background. 

Our Values


Education opens doors to a world of possibilities


Making a genuine difference is what drives us


Here for our students, partners and community


We are stronger together


Being stewards of honesty and transparency

Sponsor a Student 


Give them the gift of education. Break the cycle of poverty by empowering them to realise fulfilling careers, attain greater life opportunities and become a positive force within their community. 

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