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Meet Our Former Students

Education is the key to success


  • Education in China is free until the 9th grade.

  • Education-related expenses go far beyond tuition: books, uniforms, transportation or boarding also need to be paid.

  • On average, it costs at least 6,500 RMB per year to attend senior high school. This does not include any additional classes, meals, second uniforms, or other costs.

  • Poverty alleviation programs provide some support for the lowest income levels, but many families in need “fall through the cracks”.

  • Even in today’s Shanghai, thousands of low-income families struggle to afford the full costs of continuing their child’s education.

  • In China, access to quality high school education and success in the “gaokao” (university entrance exam) are key in attending university.

Join our Shanghai Sunrise community and champion education for a brighter future!


For each student that you sponsor for 6,500 RMB per year, we provide:

  • A financial scholarship of 6,000 RMB that goes directly to the student to cover education-related costs

  • Ongoing management of the student scholarship program including student assessment and selection, monitoring of school grades, student/sponsor events, and student programs

  • Annual family audit by our Shanghai Sunrise Alumni Field Visit Team

  • Personal development activities such as Career Day, English Corner

  • 40 hours of required community service per year for university students

What you can expect as a sponsor:

  • Updates on students' school report cards

  • Personal letters from your student

  • Invitations to meet and bond with your student at our Pairing Ceremony and annual Take Your Student To Lunch events

  • Being part of a community of like-minded sponsors and volunteers who believe in the power of education

  • Volunteer opportunities if desired

You can give an underprivileged student a better future

Three Easy Steps To Sponsor A Student!

1. Choose Your Sponsorship

Would you like to sponsor a high school or university student?

Would you like to sponsor them for one year or the full three or four years until they graduate?

To view all sponsorship options, please click here

Scholarships can be paid online via our website or you may contact us to arrange a bank transfer of other payment methods.

"What makes us unique"

Due Diligence


We closely partner with the Shanghai Charity Foundation and government social workers across Shanghai to identify students from low-income families. Our individual assessment ensures all accepted students are genuinely in need:  Students are from families whose income is around poverty levels but who may not fully qualify for public support or suffer from additional hardships such as chronic or terminal illness.

Personal Connection


As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to build a relationship with your sponsored students. Meet them in person, hear their story in their own words, and receive individual letters. You may witness their growth firsthand and become a personal champion for education.



Your entire donation will benefit the sponsored student: the scholarship of 6,000 RMB will go directly to the student and 500 RMB will contribute to cover a small part of Shanghai Sunrise’ costs of managing our student programs. As a volunteer-led charity, we promise to keep costs down so your generosity has the biggest impact possible.

There are also other ways that you can help support our cause. We accept general donations of smaller amount here. Proceeds go to our operating costs and help us grow so that we can help more young people. 

You can also group together with friends, family and work colleagues to fundraise together on our Group Fundraising page!



Shanghai Sunrise is committed to ensuring every high school student completes 12th grade.  Once a student joins our program (and continues to qualify), we guarantee the scholarship for 3 years and hope all our sponsors could also commit for this time.

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