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Share in our vision of a brighter future for Shanghai’s youth through the pursuit of education.


There are several ways you can support our vital work in the community:

Gather your friends and family and give the gift of education.

Make a financial contribution to help us cover our program expenses and other student-related activities.

For only 6,500 RMB you can enable a student to attend high school or university for one full year.

Contact us for fundraising events and donations in-kind.

Why Shanghai Sunrise?

If you believe in the power of education, donate to Shanghai Sunrise because


We are legitimate and reliable:

Shanghai Sunrise is registered under the Shanghai Charity Foundation (SCF), which provides the legal framework and resources for our charity to operate in the Municipality of Shanghai. SCF also ensures that scholarships are paid directly to qualified students.


We have experience:

Shanghai Sunrise has provided over 25 years of service to the community. Since 1996, our scholarships have given several thousand disadvantaged students in Shanghai the opportunity to continue their education and pursue a brighter future.


We are honest:

We are transparent about how we use donations and promise to keep our program costs as low as possible while meeting the needs of our students.

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