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Student-Sponsor events - Bringing our shanghai sunrise family together

The connection between our students and sponsors is what makes Shanghai Sunrise unique. Sponsors don’t just pay for the scholarship that enables a disadvantaged Shanghai youth to continue his or her education. They get to form a bond and see the impact of their generosity firsthand. To this end, Shanghai Sunrise organizes annual events inviting students and sponsors to meet face-to-face and get to know each other. In addition, these events help nurture a sense of community between all Shanghai Sunrise students, their sponsors and our volunteers.

Pairing Ceremony

At the “Pairing Ceremony” during late fall, new students to the scholarship program are introduced to the person who is enabling them to stay in school or go to university.


In spring, students and sponsors come together at the “Take Your Student To Lunch” event. This is a fun occasion to enjoy a meal together, catch up and have a laugh.

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