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Ensuring our sponsored students are in real need of support

SHSR Home Visits 2021

Shanghai Sunrise enables local students from low-income families to continue their high school education. In order to find those most in need of financial assistance, every year we work closely with the Shanghai Charity Foundation (SCF) and social workers to identify and assess scholarship candidates. As part of this process, Shanghai Sunrise volunteers conduct a home visit with every family who applies for our scholarship program to verify their personal situation.

All accepted students are in real need

The workflow of Shanghai Sunrise home visits is complex and involves many people: SCF staff, local community workers, Shanghai Sunrise staff and volunteers and last but not least the students’ families. This year, our long-term volunteer and former Executive Director Lillian led the home visits. “It is a group effort that requires good communication, friendly cooperation and firm principles,” she explains. “These home visits are important and necessary. They guarantee our sponsors that all students in our scholarship program are qualified and that their families have an actual need to be helped.”

116 families visited in six weeks