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A Birthday Party Leads to a Gift for Shanghai Sunrise

Cotton Ding donates her birthday

Last weekend, Cotton Ding, the owner of the famous brand Cotton, celebrated her birthday at one of her favorite restaurants in Shanghai. As a true philanthropist, she asked her friends and party guests not to spend money buying her gifts. Instead, she encouraged them to make a donation to Shanghai Sunrise (SHSR).

I have been familiar with Shanghai Sunrise for a long time, I heard about this organization's amazing work, and I have a few friends who are personally volunteering with SHSR. One of the main reasons I chose SHSR is because it supports children's education.

When I was young, I wished I could go to university and further my education, but unfortunately, I could not. That is why now when I have the ability and funds, I want to help young people in need.

With the support of her friends, Cotton raised more than RMB 12,800 for Shanghai Sunrise.

We are grateful and honored that she made us her charity of choice. We would also like to thank Cotton's friends who participated in this gift to SHSR. We feel blessed to have supporters such as Cotton and her friends because, without their donations, we would not be able to impact as many lives as we have over the past 25 years.

If you feel inspired by Cotton's story and donation, we would love for you to consider donating your birthday and give disadvantaged students a chance at a brighter future. For more information, please visit our website at


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