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Sponsor Spotlight: AustCham Shanghai

About AustCham Shanghai

Meet The Australian Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, better known as AustCham.

AustCham Shanghai is the peak body for Australian business in east China. As a membership-based organization, AustCham Shanghai represents 350+ businesses and individuals providing support, education, advocacy and business services.

Australia House by AustCham Shanghai is an impressive stand-alone 5,300sqm seven-story building in downtown Shanghai with offices, co-working spaces, food & beverage outlets, event spaces and showcase opportunities for the Australia-China business community.

Over the years, AustCham sponsored 17 high school students through to graduation. Their generous donations also fund field-visits, a critical step in selecting students, for the scholarship program.

Why did you decide to become a Shanghai Sunrise sponsor?

AustCham Shanghai runs a request for proposal process to select Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partners every two years. We review organizations’ scope, nature, and specifications of purpose. Our organization is strongly passionate about Shanghai Sunrise’s mission of raising funds for educational scholarships for underprivileged young people in Shanghai. We believe everyone should have the equal access to education despite their situations and circumstances.

How important is CSR to your organization and how does sponsoring students with Shanghai Sunrise align with your values?

AustCham Shanghai runs an active CSR program and we donate annually to nominated charitable organizations operating within China. To date, we have donated more than RMB 5.6 million to the local community. We have been actively engaged with Shanghai’s most vulnerable communities since its inception in 1994, including the youth helped by Shanghai Sunrise. During our 26 years, AustCham Shanghai’s mission includes the idea “to assist in community-based projects that are aligned to its broader vision for an engaged Australian community”.

What has been the most memorable moment in your time as a Shanghai Sunrise sponsor?

Take Your Students to Lunch Day, one of Shanghai Sunrise’s annual events giving sponsors and students the opportunity to spend time face-to-face. Meeting our students in person, hearing their stories about family and themselves, and seeing firsthand the difference that the support of our community is making in their lives.

Click the link to learn more about AustCham Shanghai:

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