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What I achieved in life was possible thanks to Shanghai Sunrise

My name is Zhao Zhuowei. I have received the support from Shanghai Sunrise since the second year of high school. At that time, my whole family was in great difficulty because of the health concerns of my parents. Shanghai Sunrise contacted me through my local community. It was with Shanghai Sunrise’s help that I could successfully complete the three years of high school and the four years of college. I am grateful for the help of my sponsor and Shanghai Sunrise and I always will be.

Today, six years have passed since I first received the support of Shanghai Sunrise in high school. Although it has been so long, I can still remember the scene when I first went to the Hilton Hotel six years ago and saw the kind smiles of everyone.

Actually, this first contact with Shanghai Sunrise also laid the foundation for my career choice after that.

There were many foreign friends at that first meeting among sponsors and sponsored students. Almost everyone there communicated in English and this really made me feel nervous as I was not fluent enough in English at that time. My sponsor, Mr. Shu translated for me. It was at that time that I became interested in the work of interpreters and became aware of their importance (although Mr. Shu was working in the translation industry). Two people whose original languages are different can only understand each other thanks to the intervention of an interpreter. It's also because of this experience at a Shanghai Sunrise event that I came up with the idea of entering the translation industry. After that I had a series of work experiences related to language.

My sponsor, Mr. Shu, is a kind and respectful person. Since the very first time I met him, I felt cared for by Mr. Shu. During the past six years, Mr. Shu has continued to keep in touch with me. No matter whether it is about my studies or future career planning, he always gives me objective and enriching advice. Throughout all these years, Mr. Shu also cares about my physical and mental development. He always expresses the joy of seeing me progress, which makes me feel very touched.

What I have achieved in life so far was possible thanks to the influence and help from the people at Shanghai Sunrise. I will continue to work hard with gratitude in the future. At the same time, I also look forward to the day, I can join Shanghai Sunrise as a sponsor and contribute my limited strength to help other children in our society.

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