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Shanghai Sunrise Pairing Ceremony 2019

A special crowd gathered at the Jing’An Kunlun Hotel on November 30. Over 100 local students from all over Shanghai made their way downtown to celebrate being part of Shanghai Sunrise’ scholarship program and to meet the person who is enabling them to continue their education.


Earlier this year, Shanghai Sunrise volunteers visited families who had applied for Shanghai Sunrise’ scholarship program to assess their need. 127 students were selected and thus able to continue their high school or university education in September. Last weekend, these new students had the chance to meet with the person who sponsors their education face to face. Shanghai Sunrise welcomes these motivated young adults to the Shanghai Sunrise family!


The pairing ceremony kicked off with a few short speeches from Frances O’Rourke, Shanghai Sunrise’ Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, and other long-time supporters of our charity. Among the guests of honour were Mr. Shi Nan Chang, Mrs. Jin Min Zhu from the Shanghai Charity Foundation. The speakers stressed that while these teenagers’ families were currently going through a difficult financial situation, they had the chance to create a different life for themselves in the future. They reminded them to study hard and complete their high school or university education in order to be able to pursue their career aspirations. They also encouraged them to become positive forces in their community and to give back to society later.


The audience was particularly interested in hearing from one of Shanghai Sunrise alumni students. Today, Cinderella Chen works in marketing and is still in touch with Shanghai Sunrise. She told the new students that being poor did not mean they were weak. Instead, they should have faith in themselves and believe that they can create a better future for themselves and their families.


The main part of the event was dedicated to sponsors, volunteers and students getting to know each other and connect: What are their hobbies, what are their favourite subjects in school, what do they want to do once they graduate?

此次活动的最主要的部分是让资助人、志愿者和学生们互相了解: 你的的兴趣爱好是什么,你在学校最喜欢的科目是什么,毕业后想要做什么?

Shanghai Sunrise also wants to thank SCF officials and our local district partners for the good ongoing cooperation and for showing their support by coming to meet the students. We want to express our sincere gratitude to our event partner Jing’An Kunlun Hotel for hosting us and our event sponsor Epermarket for providing lunch bags for our students and volunteers. As our organization promises to give 100% of scholarship donations to the students, we depend on generous partners to be able to organize these events that bring the Shanghai Sunrise community together.


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