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Student Testimonial: This is Zhongtie Qi’s story 忠轶的故事

Hello everyone, my name is Zhongtie Qi. I work in the claim settlement department at AAIC. I’m very happy to share my Shanghai Sunrise Story!


I first learned about Shanghai Sunrise more than a decade ago. Like all the help I received, Shanghai Sunrise was recommended to me by teachers in my local community and I sincerely appreciate what Shanghai Sunrise has done for me. I received a scholarship that funded my education from primary school to university – so 16 years in total! The fact that there were people who cared about me is just as important as the scholarship itself.


My father passed away when I was two years old so don’t have many memories of him. I grew up with my mother, grandfather and my twin brother. All the pressure fell on mom to raise two boys on her own. My journey to pursue an education, in part because of the support from my family and organizations like Shanghai Sunrise. Both my brother and I completed university education and we are now contributing members of society. My brother works as a duty manager at the Agriculture Bank of China.


Shanghai Sunrise’s value is not only the scholarship, it’s the charitable spirit that has been passed around. Students are visited at home by teacher Ding (she visited me several times), we receive two letters per year from our sponsor, there is the Pairing Ceremony, Career Day for college students, Volunteer Day for college students and more. All the giving and receiving is quite meaningful. When it comes to poverty relief, what could change the life more than an education?


Perhaps Shanghai Sunrise is not able to guarantee the future of student. However, it’s the belief of Shanghai Sunrise that they can help enable a student to have one. Our future is in our hands. It’s up to us to keep striving and moving forward for a better life and I hope I can stay in contact with Shanghai Sunrise and contribute what I am capable of.


In the end, my achievement also belongs to Shanghai Sunrise. Student “052” will keep fighting and I hope I can help Shanghai Sunrise to get better and better.


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