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Student Testimonial: This is Louis’s story/ 毕业学生感言(一)

I still remember the old Chinese proverb “Never forget the beginning and finally you can achieve a good result.” It is this chance of fate that allowed us to meet here. My name is Louis and I come from a small town in Chongming district with the lowest GDP in this region.

I am glad destiny introduced me to Shanghai Sunrise and am also thankful to our village head who recommended me for a Shanghai Sunrise scholarship. The funding from Shanghai Sunrise supported me during my high school and university life. Time flies: Over the past seven years, I have transformed from an ignorant teenager to a white-collar worker who has just entered the working world. Through all the ups and downs, I am always grateful the help I received from Shanghai Sunrise.

My parents divorced when I was young and I never heard from them again. As the Chinese saying goes “children in poor families learn things early”. Indeed, I can understand this expression from my adult viewpoint. The sarcasm, bullying and humiliation I had to endure as a child beat my soul like a whip. Among my peers, my family situation was particularly hard. With my parents absent from my life, it was Shanghai Sunrise who silently accompanied me through this journey. I am so glad I was able to get through the hardest time of my life.

Shanghai Sunrise is a highly attractive platform: like a mother she helped me with my spiritual growth and like a father she presented me with a prospect for the future. Thanks to the scholarship and the annual activities organized by Shanghai Sunrise, I could overcome my difficulties and was able to realize my true potential. The communication between me and my sponsor also significantly improved my sense of responsibility. I grew with Shanghai Sunrise and now feel I am a member of the Shanghai Sunrise family. As such I want to give back to the community.

Today, I myself am a volunteer for Shanghai Sunrise. In my free time I participate in Shanghai Sunrise fundraising events, encourage more people to take part in Shanghai Sunrise and help my fellow students finish their studies.

Even as time goes by, love is forever. My gratitude comes from the people who helped me, and I will pass this on with love. I believe the charitable career of Shanghai Sunrise will be carried forward because of people like us.

Acknowledgements: Thank you to my grandparents, I would not be me without you. Thank you to my community through which I got to know Shanghai Sunrise. Thank you to Shanghai Sunrise for letting me be part of the family.



我的父母至幼离异,各自鸟兽散,至今未归,杳无音讯。俗语云:穷人家的孩子 懂事早!的确,很小开始我就能看得懂大人的眼色,那些冷嘲热讽,那些欺凌霸辱,都像皮鞭一样抽打我的灵魂。同龄孩子中家庭困难的我,经历过冷风雨,经历过寒冻天,也经历过酷热晒。





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