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2017 Student Career Training Day A Great Success!

It was great to see so many Shanghai Sunrise students on Saturday at our 2017 Student Career Training Day!

We were thrilled to have two professional speakers come and host a series of three workshops. Each was designed to help our young students gain confidence in themselves as they took their first steps toward entering the workforce, giving them the tools that they needed to launch their careers after high school and/or university.

Cloud He hosted the first two workshops, focusing on Workplace Etiquette and Communication Skills. He most recently served as HR Director for Wanda Group Head Office and had a wealth of invaluable information to share with our young students. And then for our final workshop, we welcomed Helen Gu, Assistant Psychologist at Olivia's Place Shanghai, who presented an enlightening session on the subject of Stress Management and the tools we can implement to stay calm and focused. You can view the full agenda for the day here.

The day was one of many programs that we offer our students; support platforms covering relevant topics that will ensure they receive an all-round education. Our main goal here at Shanghai Sunrise is to make sure that EVERYBODY has access to education, because education is a gateway to personal development – an opportunity for every young person to create a better life for themselves, their families and their communities.

We are so grateful to our students, our speakers and our volunteers who travelled far and devoted their Saturday to creating a brighter future through education.

For more information on sponsoring a student, please visit or contact Susie at

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