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BOSS Group Hosts Annual Student Lunch

In 2012, lifetime philanthropist Kenny Wang formed BOSS, an acronym for a group of friends and colleagues that affectionately calls itself The Brothers of Shanghai Sunrise. Their wish was to create a legacy that will ensure the support of disadvantaged young students for many years to come and promote equal access to education for all. To date the group have donated approximately RMB 600,000 to the education of their 38 sponsored students and have been proud to see many of them go on to achieve fulfilling careers. In 2018 they have pledged an additional 25 university scholarships. On Sunday, 7 May 2017 Executive Director of Shanghai Sunrise, Wendy Landy and the BOSS Group welcomed current and former sponsored students to their annual BOSS lunch. The event was a great success and offered a chance for current students to interact with the donors and meet former scholarship recipients. To the students' delight, BOSS also presented each student with a hongbao - a traditional monetary gift presented in a red envelope - to supplement their tuition costs.

Our sincerest thanks to all the members of the BOSS Group for their longstanding support in our organization and for the incredible generosity they have shown our students.

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