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Sponsor Survey Reveals Key Insights

As part of our commitment to our sponsors and students, Shanghai Sunrise conducted its first Sponsor Survey in February 2017. The survey targeted both individual sponsors and those from corporate entities and civic groups. Designed to gather data from our existing and previous sponsors, the survey findings will support and inform specific improvements in the ways we communicate with our sponsors and facilitate sponsor-student engagement.

The results of the surveys will build on the strengths of Shanghai Sunrise's existing program and address areas of improvement. We are grateful for the thoughtful contributions of each survey participant and are pleased to share the following findings with you. We also extend our thanks to Armstrong Flooring for their support in the online component of this research.

Key Learnings (individual sponsor):

- The overwhelming majority of sponsors became familiar with Shanghai Sunrise through Word-of-Mouth (61%), followed by the Shanghai Sunrise website (10%).

- The top three motivators to student sponsorship were: "Wanting to connect with something meaningful" (22%), "Supporting the local community" (21%), and "Meeting new friends" (15%).