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Sponsor Spotlight Otto International

About Otto International

Otto International is a global leader in multi-channel retail-- aiming to be #1 in sustainable sourcing, delivering tailor-made products and service solutions. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Otto International (OI) is part of the German Otto Group. Sourcing for apparel and homeware products brought them to Shanghai in 2000 where they proudly sponsored ten Shanghai Sunrise students since 2018. OI gives financial support, donates products to students - and volunteers time!

How important is Social Responsibility to Otto International and how does Shanghai Sunrise help you achieve your goals?

As an international trade and services group, social responsibility and sustainable development are central to Otto Group’s corporate mission. We set global standards for human interaction, a healthy environment, and a diverse society - our company’s long-term growth depends on it. With Shanghai Sunrise, we hope to ensure a positive quality of life for future generations to achieve sustainable business.

Why did Otto International become a Shanghai Sunrise sponsor?

OI is proactive in social responsibility, both locally and globally. In a city like Shanghai, it is surprising to see so many disadvantaged children. We decided to address it by partnering with Shanghai Sunrise because of its student sponsorship program. We see the results of our contributions creating a better future for students and their families.

Tell us about your experience at Shanghai Sunrise events.

We have led- and participated in- many events over the past 2 years.

We invited students to our office for a career counseling session to expose them to opportunities and prepare them for their futures. Various OI employees presented about their jobs. We trained the students on job searching techniques like how to write a convincing CV and to act in a job interview.

Shanghai Sunrise partnered with us to develop our team building day in January this year! Fun, active, and educational, it showed our employees what the organization does and OI’s commitment to bettering our communities. Most heart touching was a video about the daily life of an underprivileged student in Shanghai. Feeling connected to the community, our employees were proud and inspired to do more.

So much that when the current global crisis tightened budgets, our employees took the initiative to crowd source funds from their own pockets to strengthen Otto’s commitment to Shanghai Sunrise.

And, during our winter warmer campaign, employees knitted scarves and socks for the students – a practical gift for the cold Shanghai winters.

Our work with Shanghai Sunrise is so meaningful. A true collaboration.

What has been the most memorable moment in your time as a Shanghai Sunrise sponsor?

That’s a hard question!! Personally, it was attending the “Take your Student to Lunch” event. It was an opportunity to get to know the students OI is sponsoring. It was an enjoyable afternoon with them and with other sponsors - even though we lost all the games!

What advice would you give to businesses considering sponsoring students through Shanghai Sunrise?

Apart from Do It, and Do It Now!? ... It’s important that corporate and social responsibility becomes an integral part of any company’s DNA and its culture. The opportunity to interact with our local community for positive change is good for the soul. If in doubt, ask your employees if they think is a good idea!

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