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Student Testimonial: This is Zoe’s story

My name is Wu Yiwen - or you can call me Zoe. I still remember that I first chose this English name to complete a homework. I never thought I’d end up using it until today. The inspiration for the name came from watching House Of Cards because I could really relate to the character called Zoe. Although my current job is very busy, I am glad to have the opportunity to tell you all my story.

The first time I heard about Shanghai Sunrise was in 2008. That was also the year I was accepted to its high school scholarship program. As I started writing all this down, a lot of old memories came back. The first image is that of Ding Laoshi visiting my family. She doesn’t know that I had left our house before she arrived because of my strong self-respect. My father only told me, “They are not here for sightseeing in such hot weather.” Remembering this, I am still ashamed of myself. Without Shanghai Sunrise, I would probably still be a nobody and live without hope. Every student of Shanghai Sunrise faces difficult life circumstances. Luckily, my family situation has since improved: My father is disabled and my mum is sick but much better now. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Shanghai Sunrise from the bottom of my heart. For me, its existence is like a fairy tale that makes you feel warm and fuzzy from the inside.

2009 I had the privilege of being among the first students sponsored by the so-called Boss Group. This group of sponsors gathers like—minded managers who want to enable underprivileged kids to go to university. Seeing the group of graduated alumni become bigger over the years is a great source of inspiration. Even after all these years, these sponsors still believe in their original cause. On difficult days, I still feel great comfort thinking of them. The existence of Shanghai Sunrise in my life is very meaningful: While the old me was ignorant of ignorance, Shanghai Sunrise opened my eyes by letting me understand how big and wonderful the outside world can be. There is a group of lovely people willing to give disadvantaged children a chance at a better life. I was very much looking forward to meeting my sponsors in person and when we did meet, I was full of admiration and respect. Every sponsor in the Boss Group has a different story and they all like to share their experience with us young people. They tell us that life is not easy but also guide us to constantly challenge ourselves. I still remember their advice: Our current difficulties are temporary. If we don’t forget where we come from, we can get the life we want.

Shanghai Sunrise is not only a platform but also a bond between students and sponsors. Without it, we and the sponsors would be like two parallel lines that never meet. I sincerely hope that Shanghai Sunrise will grow and prosper, so more sponsors and more students in need can be brought together.



2009年我有幸作为第一批学生获得Boss Group资助人团体的资助。这个资助人团体是由很多资深人士希望帮助来自弱势力家庭的学生获得大学教育而自发组织的。看着这个团体里的毕业生队伍越来越壮大,也让我的获得巨大的精神鼓励。这么多年了,这些资助人依然坚信他们的又初衷。初阳的存在对我的人生来说意义非凡,如果说以前的我懵懂无知的话,那么是初阳为我打开了眼界,让我领会到外面的世界有多大,有多精彩。原来在世界上还有这样一群可爱的人,帮助着一群又一群弱势群体的孩子,让他们有机会生活得更好。我非常期待见到资助人, 而且我们真的见到了,我对他们充满崇拜与尊敬。Boss Group每一位叔叔阿姨资助人都有着不一样的故事,他们总喜欢跟我们这些年轻人分享自己的人生经验,告诉我们生活的不易,也指引我们要不断向前挑战自己。我依然记得他们说的话:当下的困难只是一时的,不忘初心脚踏实地往前走,就能获得你想要的生活。


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