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Shanghai Sunrise Provides:


  • Educational sponsorship program for individual students in grades 10– 12 
  • University scholarships for deserving students already in the Shanghai Sunrise Program 
  • Life Skills Program for high school and university students

Quick Facts

  • Over 1,600 children have been helped by Shanghai Sunrise since 1995.
  • We help students in 18 different districts in Shanghai. 
  • Just 3000 RMB per year can pay for an entire year of schooling for a deserving student.

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Shanghai Sunrise: A Unique Mission


Imagine…having the desire and talent to continue your education beyond middle school, but lacking the funds to do so. Sadly, many Chinese children in Shanghai face this predicament. Here is where Shanghai Sunrise comes in. Our organization is committed to providing financial support to underprivileged students in the Shanghai area to help them:

  • Continue their formal education through high school and beyond 
  • Remain motivated to reach their fullest potential
  • Be inspired to give back to their community

The Ultimate Rickshaw Challenge will engage your staff and is a terrific opportunity to build teamwork and boost morale while contributing to a great cause. We look forward to seeing your company compete with the best!

The Ultimate Rickshaw Challenge
Saturday, May 17, 2014,  SAS Puxi Campus


The ultimate team building challenge is here! Engage the strengths and creative forces of your staff. For the first time in Shanghai - experience a one-of-a-kind event with tough competition that will test your team’s strength, intelligence, strategy and co-operative play. Proceeds will go to support scholarships for high school and university students from local working poor families.

Shanghai Sunrise is a charitable organization under the Shanghai Charity Foundation and was established in 1996. Since then, we have funded over 9,400 scholarships to needy local students. In China education is only mandated for grades 1 - 9, many of the working poor families (per capita income below RMB 1000 per month) cannot afford the annual public school tuition fee of RMB 3000 for grades 10 through 12. Unlike university, student loans are not available for high school. Through the financial support of individuals and corporations, our Shanghai Sunrise sponsors ensure these students are able to graduate from high school and have the chance to go onto university. Most of all, our sponsors give the opportunity to these families to lift themselves out of poverty and improve the lives of future generations in China.

We expect significant media coverage for this event as it’s the first one of its kind in China.

Let your company stand out as a steadfast supporter of the greater Shanghai community!

For more information and a sponsor package please contact:

Dinah Chong Watkins        Executive Director       1348-255-7753    

Felicia Fong                          Sponsorship Director      1821739-6331


Our Organization


Through the donations of individuals and corporations, we provide educational funding to approx. 500 students each year.  Shanghai Sunrise is a charitable program under the umbrella of the Shanghai Charity Foundation and led by a board of committed volunteers. The charity is organized, managed and financed entirely by expatriates and local members of the community.

              Where are the Shanghai Sunrise Scholarships?

District  Number of Students 
BaoShan  50
ChangNing    13
ChongMing 147
FengXian 2
HongKou 1
JiaDing  5
JinShan  115
YangPu  13
MinHang  3
PuDong  72
QingPu  2
SongJiang  15
ZhaBei 2
ChaShanSchool 31


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