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Student Testimonial: This is Xu Liangjun’s story

“The Sunshine of Winter”

The winter in Shanghai is gloomy and cold, but the sunshine is warm.

In 1995, I was five years old. Unfortunately, my father was seriously ill and unable to work. It was a very difficult time for the whole family and we relied on my mother to work.

In March 2002, volunteers from Shanghai Sunrise, the international friends donation program of the Shanghai Charity Foundation, visited my home. Their arrival was like the sunshine in winter. The volunteers understood my family's difficult situation and accepted me into Shanghai Sunrise’s scholarship program, giving me financial assistance to continue my education. In 2012, I graduated from university. Throughout the ten years of being in the program, Shanghai Sunrise not only provided financial support but also cared about my life and studies. This enabled me to successfully complete my education and grow up to be a valuable member of society.

During my university studies, I was invited to lead Shanghai Sunrise’s college volunteer team. Every year during the winter and summer vacation, we organized home visits to Shanghai Sunrise students as well as other volunteer activities. This was a great opportunity to gain practical experience, for which I was highly praised.

After graduating from university, I worked hard on my own and my family's economic conditions improved. Eventually, I had my own happy family of three.

Looking back, the Shanghai Sunrise volunteers and sponsors have been working hard and giving generously to students from low-income families for over 20 years. I wanted to be like them, sending the winter sunshine to poor students. Today, in addition to being an active Shanghai Sunrise volunteer, I have sponsored three disadvantaged high school students. I have grown from a poor student to being a sponsor of Shanghai Sunrise and a spreader of sunshine in winter. I applaud Shanghai Sunrise and I am proud of myself.

Xu Liangjun

September 2020


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