In-Kind Donations


In-Kind Donations

Be it a corporate in-kind donation program to promote your products and services with those who need it most, or a one-time donation of every day items, your generosity is greatly appreciated!

While we welcome gifts in-kind from donors, please note that Shanghai Sunrise Students are in senior high school or university. In addition, due to our limited storage space, we are unable to accept extremely large or bulky items. Refer to the following Giving Guides for ideas!

In-Kind Donation Giving Guide for Students

In-Kind Donation Giving Guide for the Office

Please note that shipping and delivery of any size in-kind donation is the responsibility of the donor. The donor assumes all responsibility for any requisite packing, shipping invoices, documentation, shipping or delivery cost, and any applicable tariffs and fees.

For contact or shipping address information, please contact us: +86 21 3209-5567 or email