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Student Testimonials

  • Qin Jia
    University Graduate

    Finally I graduated. It’s time to say goodbye to the university and start the new life. How time flies! I still remember the situation where I first arrived in my university in Beijing with the feeling of nervousness. I still remember the club activities I attended when I was a freshman, those final exams that drove me crazy every semester and various presentations we did in different classes. But all have been the past.

    I was the first one that left the school due to some personal matters. I even haven’t the chance to say goodbye to everyone and take photos with them for memory. But it’s good that I don’t need to see someone leave. I don’t want the sad feeling to attack me.

    After graduation, some of us will go aboard for further study. Some of us will start their career. And some will enter different graduate school of domestic universities. We’ll have no chance to have a lesson together again in our university and even we can’t get together because of our work or study in different areas. But I hope we can still remember the time we spent with each other.

    And then I want to say thanks to you- my sponsor and Sunrise. Thank you for your financial help in the last several years, which really reduced the burden of my family. And thank you for your various opportunities to make us widen our horizon. Thank you for all the things you have done to me! And I hope one day I can be the one to help other people in difficult situation just as you do.

  • Wu Di
    University Graduate

    Time`s passing by so fast, tomorrow I will attend the graduate ceremony. It`s mean the end of my study lifeand I will start working soon. I have signed a contract with Shanghai HuiZhong Automotive Manufacturing Company and I`m going to start working in the middle of July. I’m looking forward to my future life.

    If i remember correctly, it`s the 7th year you supporting me. I get the support in my grade 10. Your money has been a great help to my family. I always feel I am so lucky to meet you. May we never meet again. I will remember you forever. Thank you so much. Finally, I wish you good health and good luck.

  • Zheng Jia Mei 郑佳美

    I have good news for you,that is I graduated! Many emotional can not express in words, both happy and sad. The only thing I want to do now is thank.

    I thank you for so many years funded, thank you for your interest in my life and learning, thank you for encouraging me, thank Sunrise, thank you to all the staff of sunrise, they are really hard.

    Time off really fast, I still remember the first time, but I need to leave now. But we are still together. I was so lucky that I met my sponsor, I hope that everyone in the future life is getting better!

  • Cynthia Zhang
    University Graduate

    It’s very excited to tell you that I have graduated from Shanghai Finance University and get my bachelor. Now I’m working in a foreign-funded enterprise. And my job is AP Accountant. I have been an intern since January. And now I successfully receive the offer. I really feel very lucky. I made great efforts to get the approval from the enterprise.

    Big thanks to you! It’s been 7 years since I join in Shanghai Sunrise. At that time, I was just a senior school student. I’m very glad to get the help from Armstrong to finish my studies. I won’t feel such happy without your support. And in the past 7 years, I really know many good friends. I will make friends with them in my lifetime. At first, I was ashamed to talk to others, but after take part in many activities in Sunrise. I become more and more cheerful and lively. Since I became a volunteer of Sunrise, I visited many students who get help from Sunrise every Summer Holiday and Winter Holiday. I knew many students who need help. And I told myself that, once I have ability to help others, I will also sponsor students to help them to finish their studies, just like what my sponsor did. I believe this day will come no longer in the future.

    In the moment that I get my bachelor, I strengthen my conviction that I will continue making efforts to create my future to get the ability to help others. Although I have graduated, I hope to keep contact with you. I will be here if Sunrise needs me. At last, great thanks to all!

  • Ding Xiaolu
    University Graduate

    Blink of an eye for four years of college life comes to an end, I am very reluctant to say goodbye to my school-days and leave sunrise.

    I not only get a lot of help, but also received precious friendship. Warn and cheerful Jiemei, earnest and accomplished Yini, wide interests’ Weiting. Vaguely remember the first time went to Weiting’home for home visits with Jiamei and Yini. Later, we always went to home visits together. The memory of participating in the activities of sunrise and going to home visits with friends is very prescious, ang it is a pity there is no such chance.

    Review the university, the beginning of my performance is not very good,i also worried about whether I will leave sunrise, then I made great efforts, improved my performance. And there was a very big surprise in this semester that I achieved a third-class scholarship of school, I think it’s affirmation to my efforts.

    This April , I started practing in an import seafood company’s as marketing assistant, after a three-month internship, and now the company is ready to sign a formal contract with me,.Although the company is not very big, and work is a bit busy , I believe I can learn more and grow faster. This is my first formal job, I will work hard, and do not live up to everyone’s expectations.

    Last but not least, give sunrise my heartfelt thanks, you make me have such beautiful and valuable time in my hole life, but there is no such thing as a good things come to an end, there comes a moment to parting. I hope all the people work smoothly, good health and good luck in everything.

  • Hu Bin 胡斌
    Graduated 2013 from Shanghai Normal University, Philosophy

    I am writing to tell you that thanks for your generous help. Now I want to tell you that I will join in work after a few days. Although I didn’t become a teacher in a middle school as I planned four years ago, I also like this job now.


    Through a series of evaluation I will go into a horticultural company. I take part in the selection is organized by the government, they hope to have more and more college students go back to the countryside after graduation, using what they learn to build their hometown. And in my opinion education in Shanghai has developed very good, even in the countryside also have a very good teacher. But in farmers’ team is lack of people with higher education, I hope I can use what learned in university to help them.


    I have signed a two-year deal with the company.  After two years I can choose to still stay there or engaging in other jobs, such as teachers and so on. I don’t know what the future holds, but I hope in these two years I will do my best to get the job done. I hope you are proud for my outstanding work performance.


    I’m going to have a new social identity .However no matter how, I hope that we can return for the society,  feedback for others .

  • Zhao Jing Jing 赵晶晶
    Graduated 2013 from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Tax Administration

    It’s a great honor for me to tell you that I have graduated from university. I’m really excited to share the happiness with all of you. As time goes by, it has been four years since I first met you at the pairing-ceremony. During the four years, I experienced the joy of success as well as the pain of failure. Every time I felt frustrated, it was your love that encouraged me to move on. Apart from the material help, I also appreciate the spiritual care from you. I still remember the working experiences you shared during the lunch meeting. These experiences really helps me a lot.

  • Teng Jie 滕洁
    Graduated 2014 from Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, Accounting

    This is the first year I graduate from Shanghai Sunrise. I use the word ‘graduate’ because I want to emphasize how much growth Shanghai Sunrise helps me. Shanghai Sunrise have been sponsored me since my Junior High School, which means Shanghai Sunrise has been kept me accompany for more than 10 years. I really appreciate what Sunrise has done for me, both economically and mentally. Here, I want to share some experience and thoughts with someone who is in the same situation I used to be.


    In Sunrise, we students not only receive the economic support, which is of course very important, but also the growth in the way we think, the way we work, the way we treat others. As we all know, we should do volunteer work every year, among which visiting our own students is necessary. I learn a lot from this kind of volunteer work. The way you treat others, the word you say to others really means something. You can encourage others, after seeing their smile or changes they make to a better attitude, you will receive big satisfaction. Besides, Sunrise always hold some useful lectures to help students. I learned how to write my curriculum vitae when I was looking for a job, which helped me a lot. Sunrise really does a lot to help us.


    So I am a graduation now and I have worked for agriculture bank of China for nearly half a year. Working life is so different form the life in the college. You should take the responsibility not only for yourself but also for your colleagues. Thanks to the volunteer experience, I hardly have the problem getting along with my colleagues. In the contrast, I do well in my daily work meeting so many customers and I try hard to meet their different demands. Well, whatever you have experienced will help you someday. You just need to do it and wait.


    This is what I want to share with you. I hope it can mean something.

  • Ying Jia Chen
    Studying at Jiang Nan University

    I was only few months old when my parents divorced; my mother took along with her all the valuables and since then we have been living in poverty. At the same time, my father also got sick and did not recover until few years later. So, my childhood was much shorter than other kids of my age. However, no hardships would consume my determination to pursue my dreams.


    I was in high school, when our school was approached by Shanghai Sunrise. After screening, I was allocated a sponsor. That relieved some of the burdens on my father’s shoulder. To him this meant that I will not have to drop-out of school due to lack of money. This was also a turning point for me, because to me this meant that I could concentrate in doing better and get more opportunities. And, I would grab all those opportunities, to climb out of my miseries.


    Every time I wrote a letter to my sponsor, I would happily share with him all my achievements, because I know if not for him ensuring my educational fees, I would not have been able to concentrate all efforts in my studies and do practice things that I am really interested in doing. This meant that I will not have to drop-out of school due to lack of money.


    I enjoy writing the most; when I was in high school, one of my essays even got published in the National Golden Award publication. When I saw that publication, my happiness was out of bound. I had written about my understanding of life, also shared with the readers about my family situation and my struggle; trying to inspire others like me.


    I understand very well the implications of this yearly sponsorship. Even if changing of our situation relies mainly on our own hard work, for kids like me this sponsorship means a better hope and more opportunities to use our intellect to steer out of this misery, towards better living.


    Plum blossoms through bitter cold; we maybe cannot choose the conditions in which we are born into, but we can definitely control the direction of our own life. Shanghai Sunrise literally brought light to my life; gave me the power and motivation to continue through my struggle. It had a deep impact into my life. So many years with their support, I learned to be grateful, I learned how to change my fate and I also learned how to bravely face difficulties and fight for a better future.

  • Gao Xianan
    Studying at East China University

    When I was a senior high school student sponsored by Shanghai Sunrise, I didn’t really know much about it. While after entering University I entered in the student volunteering program, I began to realize that what Shanghai Sunrise wants to teach us is the sense of responsibility and benevolence. And I have to admit that when I was a volunteer and I was helping others, I felt really happy.