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Student Selection Process

How We Select Our Students

Our students must qualify under the following three criteria:

  • Financial need (average household income of RMB 1,760 per month)
  • Academic standing
  • Either a single parent household or the family is under severe debt from medical costs due to a chronic or terminal illness.

How We Vet Our Students

At Shanghai Sunrise we have a strict and labor-intensive vetting process to ensure only qualified students enter into our program.

Twice a year (spring and late summer) our Field Visit Director and volunteer team will visit local district civil affair offices who recommend students in need of financial support due to their family situation. Many of these families are single parent households and/or under the financial and emotional burden of chronic healthcare for a family member.

The student’s school is consulted along with their academic scores after which they are short-listed and a visit to their home is scheduled to meet the family and see their living conditions firsthand.

Our volunteers check to see that their income as stated in the application is correct and that there are no outside supplements which could affect our financial criteria.

On average, 65% of applicants reviewed qualify.

Once the student’s home visit is finished, we gather all the applications and select our Shanghai Sunrise students according to sponsorships available. We then continue the process and match the students to sponsors.

When our high school students graduate and are accepted into university or college, if they wish to continue with our program, we reassess their family situation and finances and if they qualify, seek sponsors to support their higher education.

How Sponsors Make a Difference

Thanks to the continued support of Shanghai Sunrise sponsors, our students have graduated from high school to university to full time professions. Our alumni have begun careers at the Bank of Shanghai, Bank of Nanjing, Agriculture Bank of China, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, PwC, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai American School, Fengxian County Government Office as well as other reputable companies and China-based schools. We congratulate them!