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The Hilton Shanghai Hosts 2017 Charity Donation Ceremony
From left to right: Gerd Knaust, General Manager, Hilton Shanghai; Beecher Ashley-Brown, Chairman, Shanghai Sunrise; Wendy Landy, Executive Director, Shanghai Sunrise

From left to right: Gerd Knaust, General Manager, Hilton Shanghai; Beecher Ashley-Brown, Chairman, Shanghai Sunrise; Wendy Landy, Executive Director, Shanghai Sunrise

Last Friday, Shanghai Sunrise was honored at the annual Hilton Shanghai “Train For Hope” Charity Donation Ceremony. Hosted by Gerd Knaust, General Manager of the Hilton Shanghai, the event was an opportunity for hotel colleagues to learn more about the charities that the Hilton supports and how their funds are being invested in helping people in need.

Mr Knaust announced that the Hilton had raised RMB 700,000 in 2016 and was delighted to share the funds with their charity partners. In addition to so generously hosting our annual Pairing Ceremony at the hotel for the past 21 years and sponsoring five students, the Hilton presented Shanghai Sunrise with a cheque for an additional RMB 20,000. Beecher Ashley-Brown and Wendy Landy, Chairman and Executive Director of Shanghai Sunrise, were there to receive the cheque and address the audience of hotel colleagues and fellow charity beneficiaries.

It was a wonderful ceremony and an honor to be working once again with such a caring, community-oriented hotel. Our heartfelt thanks to the Hilton for all they do for Shanghai Sunrise and for continuing to be one of our Foundation Sponsors.

Spinback Fitness & Shanghai Sunrise Partner For Spinathon Event To Raise Funds For Shanghai Youth

Shanghai Sunrise is delighted to be partnering once again with the team at Spinback Fitness, all in the name of fun, fitness and philanthropy.

On Saturday, 6 May 2017 Spinback Fitness will host a special themed spin class at their Wuding Lu studio to raise funds in aid of Shanghai Sunrise. Tickets are available for RMB 200 per person and all proceeds from the class will go to supporting educational scholarships for underprivileged youth. The theme for the Spinathon is Sunshine Vibes and there will be plenty of music with mega-motivating instructor, Jennafer at the helm to get your heart pumping. The generous team at Spinback have also partnered with iconic health-conscious brands Pure & Whole, VCleanse and Energy Honey to fuel Spinners with juices and snacks to keep you motivated.

So, gather your friends and let’s fill the bikes! Places are limited so book now by scanning the QR code below.


Who: Spinback Fitness & Shanghai Sunrise
What: Themed spinathon in aid of underprivileged young people in Shanghai
Where: Room 401, 4th Floor, 969 Wuding Lu (between Changde Lu and JiaoZhou Lu)
When: 12:00pm, Saturday 6 May 2017
Why: Fun. Fitness. Philanthropy!

See you there!

Shanghai Sunrise and Spinback Fitness Spinathon

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Sponsors & Students Come Together For Annual “Take Your Student To Lunch” Day

Amid the hustle and bustle of a Shanghai Saturday, our Sponsors and Students all came together today to enjoy a wonderful afternoon of fun, food and magic in the stunning surrounds of the Andaz Xintiandi’s Garden Studio. Our heartfelt thanks to the team at Andaz Xintiandi for so kindly hosting the event and for putting on such a mouth-watering feast of both Western and Eastern dishes – along with a very popular ice cream stand!

It was a fun-filled afternoon and an opportunity for our Sponsors to see firsthand the difference their generosity is making in their students’ lives. It was also a chance for our Executive Director, Wendy Landy, to share some exciting news with our Students… We’re all going to Disneyland! That’s right, the generous team at Disneyland Shanghai has offered our students complimentary tickets to see The Lion King on stage. Our students were elated with the news!

We hope that everyone had as much fun today as the Shanghai Sunrise volunteer team did. Here is a small snapshot of all the activity from today…

Best wishes,
The Team at Shanghai Sunrise

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The St. James’s Place Foundation Charity Golf Day Is Back!

St James's Place Foundation

Once again The St. James’s Place Foundation brings its much-loved Charity Golf Day to the exquisite Lake Malaren Golf Club Shanghai. Be an ace, not a bogey and tee off whilst raising funds for some of China’s most worthy causes, including Shanghai Sunrise. Don your Classic Golf attire (there is a prize for best-dressed fourball, after all!) and steady yourself for what is sure to be a par for the course exciting day.

We are extremely grateful to the Foundation for their ongoing support of Shanghai Sunrise and we hope to see you at this wonderful event.

To reserve your place, please call +86 21 6045 2688 or email shanghai.marketing@sjp.asia. See you there!

The St James Place Foundation Charity Golf Day Invitation

St James’s Place Foundation Golf Day Invitation

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2017 AmCham Ball To Support Shanghai Sunrise

AmCham Shanghai’s Annual Ball returns on Saturday, 15 April 2017 at the Pudong Shangri-La East Shanghai. This year’s theme takes guests on a stroll along the majestic city skylines of LA and the palm tree lined Boulevard of Dreams. Join AmCham Shanghai’s members and friends as they dance and drink the night away in a land filled with fun, excitement and adventure!

Tickets for the event can be purchased on the AmCham website.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to AmCham Shanghai for selecting Shanghai Sunrise as one of their charity beneficiaries for this event. Their donation will be used to launch our new Student Support Program, set to launch in July 2017, which comes in response to many calls from Shanghai Sunrise students seeking emotional and psychological support. Students sponsored by Shanghai Sunrise come from backgrounds of unimaginable hardship, living in households affected by extreme poverty, addiction, chronic or terminal illness and various other issues. They often need additional support as they navigate their way through these serious issues. To address this, we will begin working in partnership with local mental health and education professionals to implement a program of support that will include such free student services as: guidelines on study techniques, exam preparation, strategies for coping with stress and maintaining emotional well-being as well as providing an intermediary between students and appropriate helpline services.

Thank you, AmCham for all your support!

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It’s Back! Take Your Student To Lunch Day Returns Saturday, 22 April 2017
Take Your Student To Lunch Day 2016

Take Your Student To Lunch Day 2016

One of the most rewarding aspects of sponsoring a student is getting to know them personally and seeing firsthand how your generosity has positively affected their lives, as well as the lives of their families and communities. Each year, we work with a hotel partner to host a fun and engaging buffet lunch and invite current sponsors to join their students to bond over games, activities, great food and more. 

This year’s event is generously hosted by the Andaz Xintiandi Shanghai and will take place on Saturday, 22 April 2017 between midday and 2:00pm. Lunch is priced at RMB 200 per person, and we ask that sponsors pay for their student’s lunch. 

We are expecting around 100 sponsors and students to attend the event, so please RVSP before Thursday, 30 March 2017 to reserve your place. To RSVP, please email admin@shanghaisunrise.com.

Best wishes,
The Team at Shanghai Sunrise

Directions - Andaz Xintiandi, Shanghai

Directions – Andaz Xintiandi, Shanghai

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Previous Post: “How We’re Celebrating International Women’s Day”

How We’re Celebrating International Women’s Day

On 8 March, millions of women from around the world will celebrate International Women’s Day and here at Shanghai Sunrise we will be right alongside them. Whilst China leads the world in providing opportunities for women in many ways, women in China still face a complex situation regarding their aspirations, actual roles and society’s expectations of them. There is an underlying tone of inequality in society that is particularly pervasive amongst the less-advantaged communities.

Since 2011, 60% of the students we have supported have been female and we still encounter gender bias when it comes to education. We continue to work with the local government and social workers to support equal access to quality education for all, regardless of gender. 

To quote Melanne Verveer, the first U.S. Ambassador for Women’s Global Issues, “Women are the most effective investment that can be made in terms of development…Women’s progress in any place is progress for our world.”

To mark this important occasion, we chose to celebrate IWD by asking our volunteers to think about some of the modern-day conveniences created by innovative, forward-thinking women. Without further ado, here is our shortlist of creations developed by the unsung women who helped to change our world for the better.

Best wishes,
The Team at Shanghai Sunrise

1. The Car Heater
We all owe our thanks to Margaret A Wilcox who invented the car heater in 1893! (Margaret also invented a combined clothes and dishwasher).

2. Monopoly
This popular board game was designed by Elizabeth Magie in 1904, originally called the Landlord’s Game. The purpose of this game was to expose the injustices of unchecked capitalism. Her game was ripped off by Charles Darrow who sold it to Parker Brothers 30 years later. However Parker Brothers later paid Elizabeth $500 for her game. Gee Thanks!

3. The Fire Escape
The fire escape was invented by Anna Connelly in 1887.

4. The Life Raft
The lifesaving Life Raft was invented by Maria Beasely in 1882. (Maria also invented a machine that makes barrels).

5. Residential Solar Heating
Solar heating for residential housing was invented by Dr Maria Telkes in 1947. Dr. Telkes was a Psychiatrist in addition to being a Solar-Power Pioneer.

6. The Medical Syringe
The medical syringe which could be operated with only one hand was invented by a woman by the name of Letitia Geer in 1899.

7. The Modern Electric Refrigerator
The electric refrigerator was invented by Florence Parpart in 1914 (Florence also invented an improved street cleaning machine in addition to the refrigerator).

8. The Ice Cream Maker
The ice cream maker was invented by a woman named Nancy Johnson in 1843. Her patented design is still used today!

9. The Computer Algorithm
Ada Lovelace is essentially the first computer programmer due to her work with Charles Babbage at the University of London in 1842. In fact her notes were an essential key to helping Alan Turing’s work on the first modern computers in the 1940s.

10. Telecommunications Technology
Some of the Telecommunication Technology developed by Dr Shirley Jackson include portable fax, touch tone telephone, solar cells, fibre optic cables, and the technology behind caller ID and call waiting.

11. The Dishwasher
The Dishwasher was invented by Josephine Cochrane in 1887. Before her time, she even marketed her machine to hotel owners and even opened her own factory without the help of a man!

12. Wireless Transmission Technology
Hedy Lamarr, a world famous film star, invented a secret communications system during World War II for radio-controlling torpedoes. This Technology also paved the way for everything from Wi-Fi to GPS.

13. Closed-Circuit Television Security (CCTV)
Marie Van Brittan Brown invented CCTV because of the slow response of police officers in 1969 to help people ensure their own security. This invention influenced modern CCTV systems used for home security and police work today.

14. The Modern Paper Bag
Margaret Knight invented a machine that makes square bottomed paper bags in 1871. She almost didn’t get credit when Charles Anan tried to steal her work claiming that it wasn’t possible for a woman to create this brilliant invention. (Margaret also invented a safety device for cotton mills when she was 12… that invention is still being used today).

15. Central Heating
Although Alice Parker’s invention in 1919 of a gas powered central heater was never manufactured, her idea was the first that allowed for using natural gas to heat a home, inspiring the central heating systems used today.

16. Kevlar
This life-saving material that is 5 times stronger than steel and used to make bulletproof vests was invented in 1965 by Stephanie Kwolek.

17. Computer Software
Dr Grace Murray Hopper was a computer scientist that invented COBOL which is the first user-friendly business computer software system in the 1940’s. She was also a rear admiral in the U.S. navy and the first person to use the term “bug” in reference to a glitch in a computer system when she literally found a bug (moth) causing problems with her computer.

18. Beer
According to Beer Historian Jane Peyton Mesopotamian women were the first to develop, sell, and even drink beer.

We hope you enjoyed this post. This is just a small sample of the many incredible women who have impacted our lives – please let us know who inspired you by commenting down below!

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Previous Post: “We’re Hiring!”

We’re Hiring!

Shanghai Sunrise is currently searching for a motivated Administrative Assistant to join our full-time team!

If you think you have what it takes to make a difference within your community, or you know someone who does, please view the job description below. To apply, send your CV and cover letter in English to executive.director@shanghaisunrise.com or apply online.

Skills & Qualifications:

Native Chinese preferred with proficiency in English written and verbal communication. College degree or at least two years administration experience. Reporting skills, administrative writing skills, Microsoft Office skills, managing processes, organization, analyzing Information, professionalism, problem solving, inventory control.

Duties & Responsibilities:

– Management of day-to-day workflow including email, post, and telephone calls.
– Conduct basic accounting and book keeping duties including issuing invoices, cash management, office expenses, reconciling reports etc.
– Database management and data entry of students and sponsor information.
– Administrative support to Executive Director and Executive Committee members as required.
– Assist coordination of events such as Pairing Ceremony, Careers Day, field visits, markets and bazaars.
– Maintain close working relationships with local Shanghai districts and SCF to ensure funds to students are processed when required.
– Maintain SHSR branded products and merchandise inventory.
– Manage volunteer register.
– Provide translation Chinese: English (written and oral) where required.
– Attend social or community events on evenings or weekends where possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Previous Post: “Design Republic Invites Shanghai Sunrise Supporters To The Festival Of Design”

Design Republic Invites Shanghai Sunrise Supporters To The Festival Of Design

We are delighted to announce that the team at Design Republic would like to invite Shanghai Sunrise supporters to their annual Festival of Design.

The two-week festival (7 March to 9 April 2017) aims to gather together the design community in an exciting and unexpected way and to emphasise the open, interdisciplinary and innovative character of design. The venue for the event is Design Republic’s “Commune” in the heart of Shanghai. The stunning building is a former Victorian-style police station, which was converted by internationally acclaimed architects Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu. Like the festival, this special location is about the relationship between people and everyday objects, the discovery of beauty in everyday things.

To RSVP, please follow the instructions on the invitation below. We hope to see you there!

Thank you to Design Republic for their generosity.

Invitation - Festival of Design - 2017

Tickets Now On Sale For The St. Patrick’s Day Ball 2017!

We are pleased to announce that The St. Patrick’s Day Ball has kindly selected Shanghai Sunrise to be one of this year’s charitable benefactors. Proceeds from the raffle and silent auction will be donated to support our 2017 sponsorship program and we extend our sincere thanks in advance to the organizers and donors for their extraordinary generosity.

Organised by the Shanghai Ireland Association and held at the Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai, the annual St. Patrick’s Day Ball is a highlight of the Shanghai social calendar and, as always, promises a memorable evening of traditional Irish music, fun and philanthropy. 

Tickets are now on sale! To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style at one of the most anticipated black-tie events of the year, please email brendanbrophy@hotmail.com or kagsoneill@msn.com.

We hope to see you there!

Best wishes,

The Shanghai Sunrise Team

Click here to download the invitation

Invitation to The St. Patrick Ball, Pudong Shangri-La

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