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Tickets Now On Sale For The St. Patrick’s Day Ball 2017!

We are pleased to announce that The St. Patrick’s Day Ball has kindly selected Shanghai Sunrise to be one of this year’s charitable benefactors. Proceeds from the raffle and silent auction will be donated to support our 2017 sponsorship program and we extend our sincere thanks in advance to the organizers and donors for their extraordinary generosity.

Organised by the Shanghai Ireland Association and held at the Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai, the annual St. Patrick’s Day Ball is a highlight of the Shanghai social calendar and, as always, promises a memorable evening of traditional Irish music, fun and philanthropy. 

Tickets are now on sale! To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style at one of the most anticipated black-tie events of the year, please email brendanbrophy@hotmail.com or kagsoneill@msn.com.

We hope to see you there!

Best wishes,

The Shanghai Sunrise Team

Click here to download the invitation

Invitation to The St. Patrick Ball, Pudong Shangri-La

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Shanghai Sunrise Participates in 23rd Annual “Greatest Love Under The Sky”

Our sincere thanks goes to the Shanghai Charity Foundation (SCF) for making Shanghai Sunrise a part of their 23rd annual “Greatest Love under the Sky” event. We are delighted to report that the SCF successfully raised RMB 170 million from the public during the city’s year-end month-long charity event.

Shanghai Charity Foundation Event

“Greatest Love under the Sky” concluded with a grand event on Saturday, 7 January 2017.

Shanghai Charity Foundation Invites Shanghai Sunrise Volunteers

Shanghai Sunrise staff members, Kelly and Laura attend the grand finale.

Eight major partners including the SCF were involved in the event, which donated RMB 98 million and in-kind gifts to around 186,000 needy people.

On Saturday morning, 80 private business owners donated over RMB 5 million to the foundation’s four-year-old fund to finance 50 poverty and disaster relief programs. Thousands of volunteers were also on the city’s streets seeking donations for the foundation, including 700 high school pupils and international students from the Shanghai Foreign Studies University.

The campaign’s finale took place on Saturday, 7 January with a grand event that was televised across China. As part of the televised activities our Chairman, Beecher Ashley-Brown, was invited to say a few words on the event and the subject of charity in China.

Shanghai Sunrise Chairman Filmed During "Greatest Love under the Sky" Event

Beecher Ashley-Brown, Chairman of Shanghai Sunrise, speaks about charity in China for the Shanghai Charity Foundation’s “Greatest Love under the Sky” event.

He said, “In China, there is a powerful vision of a better world for our children and our fellow man. More and more people are coming together to generously donate their time, their money and their skills towards the shared value of equality for all; a society in which every person has access to education, shelter, food and love, regardless of age, gender or wealth. But there is more to be done, and the Shanghai Charity Foundation and “Greatest Love under the Sky” are leading the way to help make the change in the world that we all wish to see. Giving young people access to education remains key to breaking the cycle of poverty; to empower them to realise fulfilling careers, attain greater life opportunities and become a positive force within their community. We are honoured to continue working in partnership with the SCF and the Shanghai community to achieve our goal of providing all young people with access to quality education.”

Shanghai Sunrise is proud to operate under the auspices of the Shanghai Charity Foundation. To learn more about the foundation, please visit the SCF website.

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New Students Welcomed At Shanghai Sunrise’s 21st Annual Pairing Ceremony

We were all delighted to gather at the Hilton Shanghai on 27 November for our Annual Pairing Ceremony to welcome 83 new high school and university students to our higher education scholarship programme.

Shanghai Sunrise 21st Annual Pairing Ceremony

Our new Shanghai Sunrise scholarship recipients gathered for a group photo after a day of fun and bonding with their generous scholarship sponsors.

Held every year since 1996, this heartfelt ceremony provides an opportunity for students and sponsors to meet each other for the first time. It is the start of a three-year, or in some cases a seven-year relationship between student and sponsor. Many sponsors support their student beyond the initial 12 months, providing financial support until their student graduates from university.

Our Executive Director, Wendy Landy, opened the ceremony by welcoming guests and thanking sponsors and students for attending, acknowledging that the majority of students travel over two hours by bus to the venue. During her opening address she said, “Education is the common theme that brings us together today. We would not be here if we did not believe in the importance of education”. She added, “Shanghai Sunrise is very proud to enable people – such as everybody here today – to come together to celebrate education’s life changing impact”.

We were also thrilled to welcome one of our former students to the stage, Tao Jun Hua. He delivered an inspiring address to the new students, reminding them to work hard and embrace all the opportunities that the scholarship offers them. He said, “Being a sponsored student gave me a generous heart and encouraged me to give back to society”. Tao was sponsored from Grade 10 until graduating from university in 2013. He has been an active volunteer and is now a sponsor of his own Shanghai Sunrise student.

Our new Shanghai Sunrise scholarship recipients gathered for a group photo after a day of fun and bonding with their generous scholarship sponsors.

Students were introduced to their sponsors for the first time and invited to bond with them over afternoon tea and games.

Following the speeches, we all came together to enjoy afternoon tea followed by a series of games to encourage all our new students and sponsors to bond and interact. We also had some of our fabulous Volunteer Translators on hand to help the conversation flow. The ceremony concluded with a lucky draw and group photography.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered on the day to make this event a great success, and to our wonderful partners, Hilton Shanghai and St James Wealth Management.

Whilst this was a very happy day for all involved, it is important to remember that these 83 students represent only a small number of the financially disadvantaged applicants who reach out to us each year. Currently, the need for scholarships outweighs the number that we have to provide. But you can change this! To learn more about becoming a sponsor, please click here.

Irish Ball a Great Success for Shanghai Sunrise!

This year the St. Patrick’s Charity Ball selected Shanghai Sunrise to be the charitable benefactor. Proceeds from the raffle and silent auction were donated to support the organization. Held on March 19 at the Pudong Shangri-la, over 750 guests enjoyed an evening of fun and philanthropy. Our extreme thanks to Brendan Brophy and his team for making such a difference in the nonprofit community!



2015 Pairing Ceremony Recap

Another successful Pairing Ceremony was held on Sunday November 22 at the Hilton Hotel in Jing’an. Over 200 students, sponsors, volunteers and staff members came together to celebrate the difference an education makes in our lives. Pictures were taken, games were played and connections were made.

Our thanks goes out to the Hilton Hotel for sponsoring this event for the 20th year in a row and to Visteon for providing the prizes to our students. We also thank: Ding Lao Shi for leading the student selection process for 20 years; Shanghai Charity Foundation for their in-kind program support and the Shanghai Social Workers and Street Committee members for their help in identifying students who are in need.

Chongming Island students on the Hilton Hotel staircase.

Chongming Island students on the Hilton Hotel staircase.

Ice-breaker game at the Pairing Ceremony

Ice-breaker game at the Pairing Ceremony

Community Support for Shanghai Sunrise

AustraliaIn November the Australian Shanghai Association (ASA) held their annual Melbourne Cup event, a fundraiser whose proceeds are distributed to their charity partners. The ASA currently sponsors 14 high school and university students, bringing brighter futures to the children of Shanghai.

In early December the Consular Spouses of Shanghai, the Shanghai Women’s Federation and the Shanghai Charity Foundation announced their sponsorship of eight university students for their full four year college career.

We are grateful to these organizations for their renewed support of our program.

Nord Anglia Holiday Market – December 2015

On Sunday November 29, Shanghai Sunrise volunteers set up shop at the Nord Anglia Holiday Market in Pudong. It was a great day for the organization, with many people stopping by to learn more about the work we do and buy some gifts at the same time.

Please contact the office at admin@ShanghaiSunrise.com if you want to learn more about the merchandise we have for sale.

Proceeds supports the operating costs at Shanghai Sunrise, allowing 100% of scholarship money to be used by the students.

These are our volunteers at the Nord Anglia Holiday Market. Clockwise from top left: Lillian, Claire, Irene and Nancy.

These are our volunteers at the Nord Anglia Holiday Market. Clockwise from top left: Lillian, Claire, Irene and Nancy.

Sponsor Testimonial

We first got involved with Shanghai Sunrise in 1997 when we sponsored the sisters Cai Danping and Cai Liping. Soon I became a volunteer and eventually the deputy director of the program until we left Shanghai end of 2000. We continued to pay for Danping’s university fees outside of the program and were very happy to see her and her sister growing up, starting their careers, getting married and becoming mothers.

 Now that our two own daughters have finished their university degrees we have decided to again sponsor a student through your program which is still very dear to my heart. Since we are living in Turkey it will not be possible to get involved as personally as was the case with the Cai sisters, but still we would like to make a difference in a  child’s and family’s life.

 We are looking forward to becoming sponsors again.

Also, we would like to thank you for keeping the program running!

–Helen and Bernhard
September Volunteer Meet-Up

Eat Pizza. Join a good cause.

On Tuesday, 15 September, Shanghai Sunrise will have their monthly volunteer meet-up. Whether you’re a current member or you’re looking to be a part of something worthwhile, join us for an evening of pizza, drinks, and building our community of dedicated volunteers as another school year begins.

Where: Alla Torre, Jingan Branch
Address: 1/F, 88 Tongren Lu, near Yan’an Lu | 铜仁路88号1楼, 近延安路
When: Tuesday, September 15, 2015
Time: from 6:00pm onwards

Shanghai Sunrise raises funds for high school, university and college scholarships to Shanghai area students from poor, working families. We’ve awarded 9,884 scholarships since 1996 with 100% of tuition scholarships going directly to the students. For more information about volunteering with our organization or sponsoring a student, join one of our monthly meet-ups or visit us at www.ShanghaiSunrise.com.

EB Update!

Thank you to the Executive Board who took the time to meet last Tuesday and a very warm welcome to Astrid and Christian, our newest board members. We are excited to have you on our team and know that your experience and knowledge will be a great benefit to this charity and the students we help.