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SHSR Merchandise

Shanghai Sunrise is a non-profit organization managed through the help of dedicated volunteers. All proceeds from the sale of this merchandise help to offset the costs of our operations. If you would like to make an individual contribution, please submit our Sponsorship Form or contact us directly.

Shanghai Sunrise Annual Mugs

Each year we create a beautiful mug with the ever-changing Shanghai skyline. Purchase one for the current year or collect them all in a beautiful set.

Price: RMB 50/each
Specifications: 11cm (h) x 7.5cm (diameter of rim)

Mug Set

Shanghai Sunrise Wine Charms

Handmade by our volunteers, these wine charms come in a set of 6 in different sets: the jet-setters collection featuring various airport codes for the widely traveled and the Chinese Zodiac collection featuring your favorite zodiac animals.

Price: Airport Set RMB 80/set, Chinese Zodiac RMB 100/set
Specifications: Packaging 12.4cm x 18.9cm x 3.8cm; Charm 3cm (diameter)

Shanghai Sunrise Umbrella

The perfect umbrella for Shanghai’s rainy days, this collapsible umbrella features a silicone handle with an auto-open button for easy use and a bright red canopy with the Shanghai Sunrise logo and the skyline design.

Price: RMB 100/each
Specifications: Closed 33cm x 5cm; Open 60cm (h) x 97cm (diameter)

Shanghai Sunrise Coasters

Save your table tops with these beautiful coasters. Each set comes with 6 coasters featuring a beautiful design on the front and the Shanghai Sunrise legacy logo on the back.

Price: RMB 50/set of 6
Specifications: 10cm x 10cm x 0.4cm

Greeting Cards

Price: RMB 30/each
Specifications: coming soon…


*Please contact us at admin@shanghaisunrise.com for information on where to purchase these gifts.