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Sponsor Testimonials

We first got involved with Shanghai Sunrise in 1997 when we sponsored the sisters Cai Danping and Cai Liping. Soon I became a volunteer and eventually the deputy director of the program until we left Shanghai end of 2000. We continued to pay for Danping’s university fees outside of the program and were very happy to see her and her sister growing up, starting their careers, getting married and becoming mothers.

 Now that our two own daughters have finished their university degrees we have decided to again sponsor a student through your program which is still very dear to my heart. Since we are living in Turkey it will not be possible to get involved as personally as was the case with the Cai sisters, but still we would like to make a difference in a  child’s and family’s life.

 We are looking forward to becoming sponsors again.

Also, we would like to thank you for keeping the program running!

–Helen and Bernhard


My husband and I donate to charities each year and we always try to find ones which we think will use the money in the right way. In most cases, this is hard to determine as most charities are not very transparent.

However when we came across Shanghai Sunrise, we very much liked the fact that you can be involved in the program as much as you would like to be. You can get to know the students you are sponsoring, you can follow their progress and the difficulties they are facing.

It is a transparent organization and it is very rewarding when you see the students growing and maturing through their studies.

–Astrid and Rory, Sponsors since 2014