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How Sponsorship Works

We help students whose families fall into a financial “gap”.

Education is free for everyone for the first nine years in China, up to the end of middle school. After this point, there is a significant number of young people whose families earn just above the monthly 500 RMB per capita limit and so they don’t qualify for government aid, but still can’t afford to send their children to high school or university. Often these are families in crisis, who may have been managing to hold things together until unemployment, a death in the family or expensive medical bills used up the money that had been saved for their child’s education.

It’s not just about money. It’s about changing a life.

When you sponsor a student, you will meet and get to know them personally at our annual Shanghai Sunrise pairing ceremony. You will also get to correspond with them throughout the year to understand first-hand how their studies are going and how your donation is changing a young life.

Sponsoring is the most direct and effective way to make a real difference in the life and future of a young person in Shanghai.

100% of scholarship funds go to students.

As part of our program, we encourage our sponsors to commit to sponsoring a student for the duration of their studies to ensure their education is not interrupted due to financial need and to further develop the relationship between the student and sponsor throughout their schooling years. For high school students who qualify for university, you can also choose to help them financially as they earn their degree.

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