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Financial Accountability

As Shanghai Sunrise is a not-for-profit volunteer-led organsation; as such we are able to channel 100% of scholarship funds to our students. Overhead costs are funded by donations, products sales and through our annual fundraiser.

Board of Directors

Beecher Ashley-Brown

As the Managing Director of AJINGA, a company that helps match graduates with employment opportunities at leading companies, Beecher finds it enormously satisfying to see students graduate from SHSR. They form a truly virtuous cycle of education and empowerment – graduating, finding employment and then returning to sponsor the next generation of students. AJINGA has played a crucial role enabling SHSR students to understand their personal strengths and provide career advice to help them prepare themselves for the future. Beecher became a student sponsor more than a decade ago and brings unique insights to student development.

“Volunteering and sponsoring for Shanghai Sunrise has been a most rewarding experience – I have learned so much from our fellow volunteers, sponsors and students. The greatest gratification comes from the fact that our students have become sponsors, and thus the work is perpetuated.”

Wendy Landy
Executive Director

Wendy Landy joined Shanghai Sunrise in June 2016 as Executive Director. In this role she is accountable for leadership and management of all aspects of the organization’s day-to-day operations including fundraising, sponsorship recruitment and development, internal and external stakeholder relationships, staff recruitment and retention and developing and executing the strategic plan.

Wendy has a broad background in marketing, brand strategy, event management and leadership of not for profit organizations. She is passionate about creating positive outcomes for the stakeholders she serves, in particular where those outcomes enable people to change their lives for the better.

In addition to her career interests, Wendy enjoys art, travel, reading, yoga and being involved with her large, geographically diverse extended family.

Rita Boyle

bio to come…

Xavier Leroi

Xavier is the Managing Director of WWL group in China. He has lived in several countries and was active with providing education for underprivileged kids in Africa.
He has also served in several boards of Non Profit and For-Profit organizations. Xavier believes that the education of kids should be our first priority to make our world a better place.

“One child, one teacher, one book , one pencil can change the world” —
Malala Yousafzai.

Astrid Krehan

Astrid has worked in Asia, Europe and the US. She has been an owner of a Lichtenstein science company and served on various company/association boards in Europe and the US. Throughout her carrier in business development, Astrid has been very involved in the fields of Chinese science and education. She holds a Ph.D in Physical Chemistry and is a strong believer in education. With her move to Shanghai in early 2014, she took the opportunity to join the EC committee of Shanghai Sunrise to actively help change the world for young Chinese seeking further education. Her goal is to ensure a consistent support stream for Chinese students in need.

“Knowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference.”–Claire Fagin

Frances O’Rourke

As a long time China resident (10+ years but who’s counting!) Frances, while experiencing this “Socialist with Chinese characteristics” phenomenon as a business person, a student, a SHSR volunteer and sponsor has seen that those who are still in line to get rich and indeed working hard often need a helping hand or they are left behind. SHSR has made a huge difference in people’s lives, being a part of it and leaving behind a legacy like this is a fabulous feeling.

“We should let some people get rich first, both in the countryside and in the urban areas. To get rich by hard work is glorious.” –Deng Xiao Ping

Julie Chu

Julie is our longest serving volunteer. She became involved with SHSR from its foundation and had played a key role in our development. When she began, SHSR was an informal group of volunteers, and she was part of the creation of the first executive committee and the creation of the board of trustees where she served as the first chairman. She retired from her in career in travel and tourism three years ago and remains an active SHSR volunteer at board-level and in fundraising. Having been such a prominent part of our growth in the past, Julie is committed to our growth into the future fulfilling our mission to support Shanghai students in need.

“Education is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire.” –William Butler Yeats

Dear Sponsors, Volunteers and Friends of Shanghai Sunrise

I have always been interested in ‘giving back’ a little, so when a friend introduced me to Shanghai Sunrise I thought it was a great opportunity. At the time, my friend mentioned it was a chance to ‘change a life’.

At the pairing ceremony I was introduced to a young student who came from a family experiencing significant financial hardship. In fact, prior to becoming involved with Sunrise, she and her father had given up hope of her being able to finish high school, much less of having a chance to attend university.

But thanks to Shanghai Sunrise bringing us together, she was able to finish high school and even better, earn a high enough score to be admitted to a leading university in Nanjing.

With the Shanghai Sunrise University Scholarship Program, I was fortunate to be able to continue to support her studies. In just four short years and with a great amount of commitment and hard work, she graduated with a degree in biotechnology! Over the years we have continued to keep in contact and I was delighted one day to get an invitation to her wedding.

The wedding was held in her home village on the outskirts of Shanghai in a lovely peach orchard. It was such a special day for her and her husband and their families. I will always remember the look on her father’s face, as he walked her down the aisle – pure joy.

I felt really thankful that Shanghai Sunrise had provided me with the opportunity to support, in a small way, someone realize their dreams, an opportunity to change a life. And I was surprised to realize that it wasn’t just her life that had been changed, but my life had been changed too!

I invite you to join me, sponsor a student and change a life.

Beecher Ashley-Brown
May 2016

Shanghai Sunrise (SHSR) raises funds for high school, university and college scholarships to Shanghai area students from poor, working families.

Established in 1996, we are a not for profit volunteer-led organization under the auspices of the Shanghai Charity Foundation.

Our mission is to equip disadvantaged students through education; to lift themselves out of poverty; achieve fulfilling careers and be inspired to give back to the community.

Shanghai Sunrise is a not-for-profit volunteer-led organisation under the auspices of the Shanghai Charity Foundation. The Executive Committee reports to a Board of Directors, who meet regularly throughout the year.